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Elope in Rustic Elegance — No ladder needed!

Posted by Leighanne Martin Wright on Aug 15, 2017 12:17:04 PM

Sanderson 2017 6.jpgSay the word elopement and many folks may think of a ladder thrown against a house,  a young man climbing to the window of his intended — and with that romantic comedy twist — the father greeting him at the open window in his pajamas (or worse yet, a shotgun!).

But today an elopement isn't the hurried “get married quick” ceremony as we see in the movies. It is a choice of the couple to have a small, intimate ceremony that concentrates on the relationship, and cuts out much of the pomp of a traditional wedding.

But that doesn't mean it is any less romantic or meaningful. At Coley Hall at The Liberty in Historic Downtown Elkin NC, we have elopement packages for the Roth Room and The Courtyard that can bring the same rustic chic elegance to your wedding day, regardless of the size of the event.

The Roth Room has exposed, distressed brick and hardwood floors, giving one the similar feel as Coley Hall, yet on a smaller scale. The Courtyard gives you the fresh outdoors, but on decorative paving stones and romantic string lighting. Either venue is perfect for an elopement ceremony and the packages offered make such a ceremony most affordable.

An elopement certainly cuts down the cost of a wedding. And certainly cuts out a lot of drama. No picking this friend over that friend for your bridal party. No sweating over the ever-growing guest list and the price-tag attached. And whereas some brides still wear a traditional gown for an elopement, it's just as acceptable for others to choose not to. But an elopement need not alienate your closest friends or family. Our package includes two guests, with a small additional fee for extra guests.

Being smaller than a traditional wedding, an elopement will not take months to plan and is less worrisome for the couple. Obviously you will still need someone to officiate. And one rule of thumb should remain, you will want photographs, so don't neglect hiring a photographer for the ceremony.

Some couples find having an intimate elopement ceremony saves enough for them to throw a bigger reception party in Coley Hall later on. Others use the savings for a fabulous honeymoon that they could not afford otherwise. Some feel the purchase of a home takes precedence over a large traditional wedding.

Whatever the reason for your choosing to elope, Coley Hall at The Liberty's elopement package is well worth looking into when deciding on an intimate elopement ceremony for your Yadkin Valley wedding.

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